Fifa 2018 PC

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Try the new FIFA Saga game for PC! Delivered by CD-Key which can be redeemed at Origin.

Fifa is the football game par excellence for quite some time, PES also had its own but the quality of graphics and its multiple game modes both online and offline made the Fifa 2018 for PC will end up beating its competitors.

The Fifa 2018 is one of those sagas from which every year a new game comes out and the biggest fans of them (especially those who play online) move to its new version, is a little crazy or may seem to buy each year the new version, that's why in Betsuites you can get the Fifa 2018 free for PC.

In Fifa 2018 you will be able to play online and offline as mentioned above, and its game modes are also varied.

You can choose to control an entire team as if you were a player, coach and president in both the online and offline modes of Fifa 2018 PC.

Or on the other hand, you can choose to be a single player to improve their skills and characteristics in order to play in the club of your dreams or to be a better and more complete player in online mode.

The single player mode is what has given more growth in recent years, forming teams and even entering the competitive online video games, although still not up to the games like the League of Legends or Counter Strike Global Offensive, your community is large and predicts a good future in this game mode, where we can already find virtual football leagues that are being introduced with their teams big football teams such as Valencia for example.


However, the best known and most played game mode of all Fifa 2018 and that has been for many sagas is the online mode in which you control an entire team and from 0 being the players, the coach and the president so to speak, you must form your own team signing players in the market by Fifa Coins and with it play online matches against other people and go up divisions.

Of course we talk about UT or Ultimate Team, the game mode star of the saga for a long time and why most people buy the game year after year, and is that to have all your favorite players in your team and manage them with the incentive to raise divisions year after year is not a little.

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